V3 BETA (Phase II A)

  • New Improved
  • J
    James Cantoni
  • on 03-10-2021
  • Added Ability to Update Campaign Deadline from Live Editor
  • Improved Time Zone Selection with Campaign Deadline
  • Added “Campaign Settings” Toggles for Advanced Configurations
  • Increased Performance and Removed Obsolete Features

Added Search Functionality to Action Builder

  • New
  • J
    James Cantoni
  • on 01-20-2021

Now you can search to find actions related to a specific network or feature!

V3 BETA (Phase II)

  • New Improved
  • J
    James Cantoni
  • on 01-15-2021
  • Improved Campaign Structure in Live Editor and Widget
  • Updated Prize Title and Description Designs
  • Updated Reward Sorting to Reflect Badge Values
  • Added Ability to Add New Reward from Live Editor
  • Added Ability to Update Emails, Points, Winners and Additional Prize Details, Direct from the Live Editor

V3 BETA (Phase I)

  • Fixed Improved
  • J
    James Cantoni
  • on 12-31-2020
  • Updated API For v3 Beta
  • Added Feature Request And Bugs/Fixes Boards With Voting
  • Fixed Time Zones for Action Builder Triggers
  • Updated Traffic Campaigns in Live Editor
  • Improved Point/Entries Scoring System
  • Updated Email Confirmation Settings and UX
  • Improved Compatibility with WordPress & Page Builders
  • Updated Automation Emails and Notify Triggers